7 Best Black Tea Brands in India: 2022

In most Indian households, the morning starts with a cup of black tea, a rejuvenating and refreshing gluten-free beverage. Every brew is a delight to your senses. Most Indian chai-lovers scourge the internet for the best black tea since it’s almost impossible to live without it. Black tea is enjoyed throughout the world for its subtle flavor and therapeutic properties. India, being one of the largest tea producers in the world, has a market saturated with multiple brands promising to offer the best black tea yielded from the tea gardens.

Black tea is thus produced and consumed in copious amounts throughout the nation – so much so that our nation profits from exporting it to other tea-drinking nations that enjoy exotic brews. This article is here to offer you a list of the top-selling best black tea brands that offer only premium quality tea that will make you want to brew more with every sip. Each brand has top consumer feedback and ranks the highest in taste-based, quality-based, and price-based surveys. Read on to select the brand that suits your taste.

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Before jumping into the best black tea brands, let us know a little more about the benefits of black tea. Derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant, black tea is powered by some of the best antioxidants that help you enjoy a healthy heart and gut. 

If you are a ritualistic tea drinker, unbeknownst to you, Black tea could also be improving your health regularly by reducing your blood sugar and LDL Cholesterol level. Let’s check how effective is black tea in improving your bodily functions and overall health:

  • If you are planning on losing weight, Black tea should be a valuable addition to your diet.
  • Antioxidants in black tea improve overall health. They keep your heart fit and reduce the risk of chronic illness.
  • Promotes good bacteria growth in your gut and contributes to gut health improvement.
  • Keeps a check on your blood pressure levels.
  • Keeps heart diseases in check.
  • Might lower your blood sugar levels and bring them to normal.
  • Compounds in black tea promote cancer cell death and slow down the development of particular cancer types.

How to Choose the Best Black Tea in India?

The best black tea in India is sourced from the top-shelf produce curated from reputed tea estates. This is brought to customers by suppliers who put in the effort to source them from these renowned tea-estate owners, host tea-tasting ceremonies, make the right product claims and set reasonable rates for their products. 

You should choose the best black tea in India by ensuring the tea meets a set of requirements. They are as follows:

  • Go for the right brand. The best black tea brands in India are usually in the market for a long time. They are well-established, reputed, and backed by a host of customer reviews. They also include popular variants.
  • Before buying the best black tea on amazon, check the product details. Many brands claim to package the tea only 72 hours after hand plucking them. This automatically retains more of the tea flavor and aroma. Make sure the flavor profiles are distinguished and a brewing instruction is present on the package.
  • Lastly, make sure the brand you go for excels in all 5 characteristics – Packaging, Quantity, Quality, Worth for money, Taste, Serving, and Preservatives. 
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7 Best Black Tea Brands in India: 2022

Here is a rundown of the 7 best black tea brands that have made their position as the top sellers in the Indian Market. They are: 

1. Tata Tea Gold: Loose Leaves Assam Tea with Gently Rolled Aromatic Long Leaves

Tata Tea Gold

Every Indian household has heard the name Tata Tea Gold. It’s trusted. It’s affordable. And to top it all, the tea is superior. This 500 gm tea pack pours the taste of freshly plucked leaves from Assam highlands into your cup. You can make a variety of brews with this tea. Read below to know what all this product has to offer:

  • The tea blend is made with 85% Assam CTC black tea leaves and 15% carefully rolled aromatic long leaves.
  • This tea comes with the Masala flavor along with a distinctly balanced aroma to please your sense of taste and smell.
  • The richness of taste comes not without health benefits.
  • Brown to dark brown, this tea packet also delivers healthiness with every brew. 

What Customers Liked: Many discerning tea drinkers voted this brand as the best black tea brand amidst the variety of black tea available online and offline. Check out what consumers particularly liked –

  • Perfect-blend: The blend is well-balanced and hence, the taste is perfect – not too bitter and not too bland either. The masala flavor is a cherry on the top.
  • Worth for money: Given the tea features, many customers found the price to be very reasonable.
  • Rich aroma: The 15% special longer leaves add to the aroma of the tea which when taken in gives you that kick to start your day with a bang.

2. Twinings: Best Black Tea Bags with Assam Tea Blend


Handpicked from the gardens of Assam, Twinings Assam Tea brings you the best black tea blend in a pack of 25 premium black tea bags. If you appreciate a tea with a strong flavor profile, Twinings Assam tea is perfect for you. This smooth but flavorful tea also comes with a heady aroma that can replace any stressful situation with a calming effect. Read below to know other particulars about this product:

  • The flavor profile is very potent, almost overwhelming, and will hit you with a sort of energy whenever you feel lacking.
  • This brand offers you the perfect Assam tea blend in fancy tea bags so that you can carry it anywhere to enjoy your cup of tea. Dip the tea bag and enjoy your cup of refreshment anytime anywhere. 
  • There are a host of Twinings black tea nutrition facts that can be found when you read about its contents more sincerely. For laymen like us, Twinings Black tea has become synonymous with good health in a cup.

What Customers Liked: 

  • The bold, strong flavor and rich notes live up to its name.
  • The tea bags are composed of paper and not plastic which is big health positive move from the brand.
  • This premium quality Assam tea pack is also very budget-friendly and worth what you spend.
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3. Typhoo: Darjeeling Black Tea Bags in India


Typhoo Darjeeling Black tea bags heartily captures the essence of tea estates in Himalayan foothills with every brew. Wake up the tea aficionado within you because the flavor profile of this tea will blow your mind. Packed in 25 tea bags are the premium muscatel flavored tea leaves which will make your day with every dip. 

  • Even though the flavor profile is subtle, the notes are in no way bland. The tea leaves no after-taste.
  • The rich aroma has an effect of its own in calming the senses.
  • The toasty, muscatel flavor is refreshing and unique.
  • The tea bags come well-packed and are 25 in number which can be used and re-used more than once.
  • Can be brewed with or without milk. It tastes great either way.

What Customers Liked:

  • After consuming the black tea, consumers feel a mild relaxing effect on their minds.
  • There is no artificial flavoring added. The flavors are all organic and derived from freshly handpicking and processing the tea leaves from the Darjeeling tea estates. 

4. Octavius: Classic Assam Black Tea


Octavius Classic Assam Black Tea is the most economical option you can ever choose. The pack comes with 100 black tea bags and is reasonably priced. This bold flavored tea is made with a unique tea strain curated from the Assam highlands. Read below to know more:

  • A tea drinker’s delight – Octavius tea in your cup will surprise you with its bold taste and pleasing aroma.
  • To preserve the fragrance, flavor, and color, the tea leaf buds are freshly plucked and packed.
  • This product lasts for a very long time since it comes with 100 tea bags.

What Customers Liked:

  • Worth the money, given the rich taste and long-lasting quality. 
  • In terms of quantity, this tea will exceed your expectations.
  • Packaging and tea quality could see some improvement.

5. Gooricke: Thurbo Darjeeling  100% Whole Leaf Black Tea 


Goodricke Thurbo Darjeeling whole leaf black tea leaves are collected from the top-notch single tea estate situated in Mirik Valley. This gluten-free best tasting black tea comes in various weighted packs and can be stored for 2 years. Goodricke, the second largest tea producers are not only renowned in India but also overseas and ranks as one of the best black tea brands in the world

  • With just 1/4th a teaspoon soaked in warm water, the flavor and aroma unfurl and become an appetizing cup of black tea.
  • The smokey aroma and subtle toasty flavor are an absolute treat for all true black tea lovers.
  • This 100% loose leaf tea is also gluten-free and tastes great when brewed without milk.
  • The tea is single estate, pure, and not blended. 

What Customers Liked: 

  • The tea lasts for a very long time since you need to only use small amounts for every brew.
  • Impeccably packed, the tea retains everything from fragrance to flavor.

6. Lipton: Darjeeling Long Leaf Loose Black Tea


Made with 100% pure Darjeeling long-leaf loose tea, Lipton brings you one of the most hands-on and affordable tea products. When the familiar floral aroma hits you along with the traditional long leaves, you can instantly recognize the fine quality. Ranked as one of the most authentic tea brands, Lipton has made its way into many Indian households.

  • With every sip of reddish brown Lipton Darjeeling Black tea brew, you can taste the distinctive flavor of Darjeeling’s long leaves, a hint of muscatel, and fresh summer roses.
  • The tea serves as an everyday comfort drink.
  • The long leaves add the characteristic bold flavor which rejuvenates and energizes you.
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What Customers Liked:

  • Customers found Lipton as the best decaf black tea with a promising flavor profile and strong aroma.
  • It can be brewed in multiple ways – with or without milk; as iced tea; and as an alternative to energy drinks. This is a very good alternative to energy drinks which are loaded with caffeine. 

7. Tetley: Original Assam Black Tea


Tetley’s original Assam black tea makes you feel warm and at home with its flavorful Assam blend. Packed with 100 plastic-free, paper tea bags, Tetley is 100% environment-friendly. This Assam blend black tea price is reasonably set and is an absolute value for money product.  

  • Packed with the original Assam blend, this product promises no synthetic flavor. The taste is perfect with no bitter aftertaste and a balmy feeling with every sip.
  • The flavor profile is so naturally subtle that customers are easily hooked to it.
  • The brand stands tall when it comes to its reputation. Their claims of delivering the taste of crop to your cup are 100% true.

What Customers Liked:

  • With rejuvenating freshness in every cup, Tetley will leave you craving for more.
  • Tetley Original Assam blend black tea also helps you fight stress, anxiety, and pressure.
  • Can be brewed with or without milk.

Commonly Asked Questions on Chamomile Tea

  • Which Black tea company is the best now?
  • Ans: Customers have voted Tata Tea Gold, Twinings, and Typhoo some of the best black tea serving brands now in 2022.
  • Which black tea is the strongest tasting?
  • Ans: Assam black tea generally possesses a bold taste compared to other black tea varieties.
  • What kind of tea leaves in India are best for black tea?
  • Ans: Assam black tea and Darjeeling black tea are the best tea leaves if you are a black tea lover.
  • Does Lipton Black tea have good quality?
  • Ans: Lipton is a household brand wherein mostly everyone regularly drinks or has once or twice used its black tea or green tea variety. So, yes, considering the good customer review, Lipton is a fairly good black tea brand.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to black tea – you can’t get enough of it. Black is a blessing! And we know that we need no excuse to have a cup of black tea and the brands listed above offer you the best of the lot. But, a word from wise is that black tea also has its fair share of caffeine. Therefore, be on your toes to note any adverse effects on your body and always consult with your physician. Apart from that, Black tea also has antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenol which help you avoid diseases and keep you fit.