7 Best Tea for Slimming and Weight Loss in India: 2022

Losing weight is never an easy feat. With the overwhelming number of weight loss tips and tricks accessible online, people are bound to get confused. But did you know, that teas can help you burn fat by strengthening your metabolism? Your regular cup of rejuvenating drink can help you cut calories naturally and safely. These calorie-cutting teas also stimulate your digestive system to rid itself of fatty tissue deposits. So, if you are aiming to lose that extra pound, do not starve yourself. Get your hands on the best slimming tea in India and add it to your diet to see results. Teas also act as a natural detox and prevent aging symptoms.

With the best tea for weight loss in India, you might have a natural, safe, and affordable solution to weight problems. But, be cautioned! Teas can react in various different ways other than speeding up your metabolic rate. So, consult with your physician before fixating on a decision. Rest assured, this article brings you a well-researched list of the 7 best tea for slimming and weight loss in India. Dig in!

Quick Facts on the Best Slimming Tea 2022

Weight loss is a journey filled with its ups and downs. It demands you to be cautious of every step you take to reach your goal. Likewise drinking slimming teas daily without checking with your physician is a risk. Here are a few fast facts you need to consider:

  • Slimming teas will help your body detoxify
  • Many slimming teas will kill your appetite and thus, whet your hunger in this manner
  • The antioxidants present in detox slimming teas can help in preventing the risk of diseases such as cancer. They also improve your heart health and keep your gut fit too.
  • While there are several studies showcasing the effectiveness of slimming teas in cutting calories, there is no hard science-based evidence to validate the claims made.

How to Choose the Best Tea for Weight Loss in India

If you are going herbal, you should only consider reputed brands that serve only the best slim tea for weight loss. Choosing the right brand calls for a conscious effort in knowing the product details firsthand. Thus, you should always keep in mind the following things:

  • Customer Reviews
  • Effectiveness
  • Flavor profile
  • Price
  • Taste
  • Customer Testimonials

A brand that excels in all 6 of the aforementioned factors, should be your choice of brand. 

7 Best Tea for Slimming and Weight Loss in India: 2022

These teas not only work wonders in your weight loss journey but also produce an exquisite flavor profile, and aroma and are collected from the top tea estates in India. Read below to know the 7 best slimming tea in India:

1. Exotic Aromas: Best Organic Green Tea for Weight Loss

Exotic Aromas Weightloss Tea

Exotic Aromas brand ranks as the best slimming tea in India, not just because of its premium green tea quality. Infused with the whole leaf organic green tea are flavors of various spices, namely – ginger, lemongrass, cinnamon, cardamom, and hibiscus. Apart from helping you burn fat, Exotic Aromas’ top-notch organic green tea also contributes to a host of other health benefits.

  • Packed with all the goodies such as Vitamin C, Manganese, Folic Acid, and anti-oxidants, this tea is exceptionally good for your health.
  • The extra flavors of ginger, lemongrass, cinnamon, cardamom, and hibiscus enhance the taste of the tea and unlike other dietary supplements, is not bland.
  • This tea does not contain any artificial flavoring, additives, or preservatives.
  • This tea helps with colds and congestion and helps you cut calories at the same time.
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What Customers Liked:

  • This tea lives up to its brand name. Brew a cup full of this exotic concoction with an even superior aroma that helps melt down all your stress.
  • This bestseller brand offers a soothing feeling with every sip.
  • As explained, the flavor profile is at a whole other level. It will make your weight loss journey easy and fun. 

2. Girnar: Detox Green Tea – Desi Kahwa


This detox slimming green tea offered by Girnar comes packed with a delicately balanced flavor profile. Apart from Green tea, it has Black Pepper, Tulsi, Ginger, Asafoetida, Cardamom, Clove, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Citric Acid, and Rock Salt. The brand stands tall in its claim as it reminds every Indian of their mother’s special energy concoction that could fight off every single illness in our childhood. Read ahead to know what else this tea has to offer:

  • This green tea detoxifies your body and helps you burn fat.
  • If you have bloating symptoms or cold symptoms, drinking this brew will help with those problems too.
  • This tea reduces the risk of chronic illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes.
  • This tea also refreshes, energizes, and boosts your spirit.

What Customers Liked:

  • This calorie-cutting, stress-busting tea offers a unique and quirky tea flavor that many have not tasted before.
  • The ingredients and aroma of this tea make it anything but boring. Many consumers have emphasized how refreshing this tea was as compared to ordinary, boring green tea or other slimming teas.
  • The tea has a distinct character of its own. It will most definitely impress your senses and stay with you for long.  

3. Teabox: Organic Best Slimming Green Tea in India

Teabox Organic Darjeeling Green Tea

Curated only from top Darjeeling tea estates, Teabox brings you a superbly effective slimming green tea product. If you religiously drink this antioxidant-rich concoction, you are sure to see results and fall in love with them. Apart from helping you slim down, this tea is also beneficial in several other ways.

  • They claim to offer only A-grade long leaf Darjeeling Green tea.
  • Their tea comes in distinct pyramid-shaped tea bags which helps the taste unfold in a better way. Adding on, these tea bags can also be re-used!
  • This tea strengthens your immunity, speeds up your metabolic rate, and hence, also helps you in losing weight.

What Customers Liked:

  • Many customer testimonials point to the fact that adding this tea to their weight loss diet has greatly benefited them to speedily achieve their goal.
  • Flavor and freshness are rated as top by consumers.
  • You receive two free samples along with the standard pack of 25 teabags. This is very economical.

4. Vahdam: Best Green Tea for Weight Loss in Assorted Tea Bags

Vahdam slimming

Vahdam brings you 15 assorted tea bags containing 15 different exotic green tea variants. These green tea variants have been included as they greatly boost immunity, and metabolism and speed up the weight loss rate. At the same time, the various flavor profiles of various teas will keep you interested and excited. Check out what other benefits Vadham tea product has to offer you:

  • The 15 unique Green tea variants are – Mint, Lemon Ginger, Earl Grey Citrus, Moringa Tulsi, Detox Kahwa, Giloy Neem, Honey Lemon, Organic Himalayan, Amla Ginger, Mint Melody, Turmeric Tulsi, Tulsi Ginger, & Chamomile Green tea. All of these green tea varieties are USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) organic authorized.
  • Vadham tea tastes subtly sweet with no hint of bitterness.
  • Vadham tea also assures 100% synthetic flavor-free tea.
  • This herbal health supplement also contributes to your health by making use of medicinal plants such as Tulsi, Chamomile, Green tea, and Moringa in its ingredients.
  • The freshness in flavor and aroma makes all the difference for tea lovers.
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What Customers Liked:

  • This tea will make you stand corrected if you think green tea is bland, bitter, and boring. The flavorful spices give the tea a 360 turn and help you enjoy the experience more.
  • Given the price, this pack is an absolute grab.
  • Customers also appreciate the no-artificial flavoring policy of Vadham.

5. Teacurry: Slimming Tea Box

TEACURRY Slimming Tea for Weight Loss

This Green tea by Teacurry comes equipped with weight-management goals. Its ingredients include a healthy collection of Ayurvedic components accompanied by a blend of the best Assam Green tea.  This gluten-free, 100% organic green tea helps you achieve several health goals. Check them out below:

  • Imbued with the goodness of pure green tea which is a great weight loss catalyst, Teacurry significantly cuts sugar cravings, and helps with the digestive process.
  • This tea boosts your metabolism and also helps in tummy reduction.
  • On top of the weight loss uses, this tea also gets rid of the toxins in your liver and prevents aging symptoms.
  • Teacurry weight management herbal tea is packed with a nutritious and nourishing mixture of tea with flavorful spices such as cinnamon from Meghalaya, Fenugreek from Rajasthan, Fennel from Gujrat, Orissa’s ginger, Sasangir’s Krishna Tulsi, and Bengal’s Spearmint. Picking up the best from every region, this tea is a superior concoction of natural energy-boosting, cleansing, and calorie-cutting elements.

What Customers Liked:

  • Customers reported that Teacurry contributed positively to their weight loss journey. Fenugreek helped with sugar cravings; Hibiscus helps with digestion, and Tulsi helps to quickly burn extra pounds. 
  • This sweet refreshing tea with a hint of earthy flavors of green tea can be obtained in both tea bags and loose leaf tea packs. This gives consumers the choice to act economically.

6. HAYMAN NATURAL’S: Best Herbal Tea for Weight Loss in India

Hayman Natural's Weight Loss

Hayman Natural’s slimming green tea boost, cleanse, and cut calories. This triply beneficial tea makes you expend energy at a faster rate by speeding up your metabolic rate. This will directly help you to burn calories. But, this is not its only perk. The tea also positively affects your health. Here are a few fast facts about this tea:

  • Hayman Natural’s slimming green tea only uses whole leaf green tea which enhances the flavor more than green tea powder products.
  • The tea also has a perfect blend of medicinal herbs and flavorful spices which mind both health and taste at the same time.
  • This tea also clears out your body toxins and thus improves your overall health.
  • Hayman Natural’s weight loss tea also calms your nerves and betters your blood circulation so that you remain fit and energetic throughout the day.

What Customers Liked:

  • This tea comes highly recommended for your weight loss journey. The one-of-a-kind blend helped tea drinkers feel fresher with every sip and kept them energized throughout the day.
  • While many slimming teas cause you to feel bloated, this tea does the exact opposite. It takes away any uncomfortable bloating sensation. Moreover, this tea is not at all heavy on your stomach.
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7. The Indian Chai: Healthy Slimming Green Tea in India

The Indian Chai - Slimming Healthy Green Tea

The Indian Chai is a popular brand when it comes to serving healthy and delectable teas. Equipped with weight loss and indigestion-relief properties, this healthy tea is a powerhouse for anti-oxidants, nutrients, and minerals. This tea naturally regulates your gut health, weight, and metabolism without the help of any artificial flavoring. The herbs in this tea are handy in helping you fix your eating disorders too.

  • Cut your cravings with this wholesome, rejuvenating tea infused with metabolism-friendly herbs and spices.
  • The ingredients of this tea include herbs with medicinal properties such as Turmeric Root, Ginger, and various spices for flavoring such as Cardamom, Lemongrass leaves, Moringa leaves, etc. This tea also contains Garcinia Cambogia which is beneficial in suppressing appetite and cutting calories.

What Customers Liked:

  • Customers reported that the flavor profile and fragrance of this tea are top-notch and worth every penny.
  • This tea goes a long way in controlling ill eating habits and cravings at an ill time of the day. 
  • If you are looking for slim tea side effects, Indian Chai will most certainly clear out all your doubts about it. This tea has been successfully helping in their weight loss journey without any harmful consequences.

FAQ: Things to Note while Choosing the Best Tea for Slimming and Weight Loss in India

  1. What is the most effective slimming tea?

Ans: Green tea with added flavors of various natural herbs, and spices is the best-tasting and most-effective slimming tea for people who want to control their weight.

  1. Is slimming tea good for weight loss?

Ans: Most slimming teas come without any side effects but it is always advised that you check with your doctor before including herbal teas into your diet. Otherwise, they work marvels in controlling appetite and improving your metabolism so that you can get rid of fat deposits faster.

  1. When should I drink tea for weight loss?

Ans: You can drink your tea in the morning, after a meal, or after a workout session. You should avoid drinking slimming teas right before your meals. Consult with your dietician for expert advice.  

  1. Which Green tea brand is best for weight loss?

Ans: Brands such as Exotic Aromas, Girnar, and Vahdam are all reputed and popular green tea brands that are doing incredibly well when it comes to their various tea products.

Bottom Line

The how-tos of shedding weight have always been a concern among many. Not all weight loss methods indeed work for everybody. And all our metabolisms are built differently. Bodily requirements vary from person to person. But, with these slimming teas, you are sure to glide through the process safely and healthily. This list of best slimming tea in India is by no means all-inclusive but we have tried to curate only the highly-recommended brands. Although, these brands are well-trusted, remember to exercise and maintain a healthy diet alongside sipping your rejuvenating brew regularly.