7 Best Chamomile Tea Brands in India: 2022

India has one of the finest Chamomile tea estates. Located in the secluded hilly regions of India, the chamomile plantations yield exquisite Chamomile tea, offering an incomparably relaxing and savory elixir. For centuries, herbalists have recommended this tea for its therapeutic properties and delectable flavor. Truly, with every brew, Chamomile tea promises a physical and spiritual boost. If you are a dedicated consumer like me, you too must be wondering which brand will offer you the best Chamomile tea in India.

With various tea brands saturating the market with their chamomile products, it is difficult to tell a fake one from an authentic one. Moreover, Chamomile tea is not your usual run-of-the-mill tea. It is derived from a daisy-looking Asteraceae plant family which has served as an incredible natural remedy for many ailments. 

The best Chamomile tea in India is handpicked, pure, and naturally sweet-tasting. But, to be effective, the tea must be authentic and not a duplicate breed. So, let us distinguish the top 7 best chamomile tea in India brands that beats any other. 

Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Packed with antioxidants, this tea exhibits several health benefits. Unlike the harmful caffeine-loaded drinks, Chamomile tea is organic and a more potent refreshment. Thus, chamomile tea’s benefits far outweigh its competitors. This is the sole reason for its ever-increasing demand in the market. Keeping that in mind, let us discuss four potential therapeutic uses of Chamomile tea below:

  • May induce sleep and help with insomnia: Chamomile tea is famously known for its sleep-inducing poppy-like properties. If you are someone like me who suffers from chronic insomnia, a cup of Chamomile tea will soothe your nerves and ease you into a nice doze. This property is influenced by an antioxidant in the flower extract known as Apigenin. This tranquilizer-like compound binds to certain brain receptors and promotes sleepiness.
  • May help in digestion: Studies conducted on non-human subjects indicate that chamomile has a positive effect in helping with digestive processes and curing digestive ailments. Some researchers also show that it can prevent stomach ulcers and help with acidity, gas, and nausea.
  • May help regulates blood sugar level: Studies show promising findings that suggest that drinking chamomile tea will help alleviate elevated blood sugar levels and thus take care of your pancreas health as well.
  • May help with maintaining your heart health: Loaded with flavones, a category of antioxidants, Chamomile tea is said to improve your heart health by lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Word of Caution: Check with your doctor before switching to herbal options. It might have adverse side effects. 

How to Choose the Best Chamomile Tea in India?

Since there can be no return option for edibles once you find them bad, inauthentic, or ineffective, many of us are at an impasse about buying herbal products. Is there any distinct marker by which you can tell a fake Chamomile product from an authentic one? Is there a way? I have asked this question myself a million times and here’s what I found – Nothing speaks clearer than a well-reputed brand that has been delivering authentic products for a decade. Truth is, always go by reputation and reviews. Once you check these two boxes, you are good to go. So, this can be your yardstick to distinguish the wheat from the chaff. Second, do not fall into the product marketing traps. They might make exaggerated claims about their products but they might simply turn out to be nothing more than empty marketing strategies. Moreover, being expensive does not always mean good. Chamomile tea price in India has various ranges which you can explore and make your choice from.

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If you are shopping offline, then you can look for the following traits too – loose leaf tea; unbleached tea bags; and slightly heavy and aromatic.

7 Best Chamomile Tea Brands in India: 2022

These organic India Chamomile tea brands promise purity, taste, aroma, and health benefits. They do not contain any impurity and have a solid reputation when it comes to their marketed products. Read below to know the top 7 Best Chamomile Tea Brands in India: 2022 and what customers liked about them.

1. Sancha’s Chamomile Tea: Best Loose Leaf Chamomile Tea in India

Sancha’s Chamomile Tea

Sancha Tea Boutique is one of India’s oldest and most trusted tea brands. Sancha’s Chamomile Tea is the best caffeine-free bedtime detox tea available in India. Packed in a tin container, this product offers a 50g premium loose tea leaf. 

  • The container’s ingredients are chamomile flowers and lemongrass. 
  • This tea marvels not only in taste but also in aroma and healing quality. 
  • Ready to soothe your nerves at the very first sip, this tea is packaged beautifully with brewing instructions printed on the container body.

What Customers Liked: Even if brand reputation is not enough, consumer reviews should undoubtedly answer which brand of chamomile tea is best. Check below to know which traits customers liked –

  • Budget-friendly: Customers thought that this product is an absolute bang for their buck as you receive the creme-de-la-creme quality tea at a very nominal price. 
  • Balanced Flavour Profile: The taste is not overpowering. The flavors are well-balanced and it seems that the more the tea leaves unfurl, the more its flavor unravels. One can drink it without sugar. 
  • Very Effective: The tea does what it claims to do. It relaxes and soothes nerves. 

2. Vahdam: Best Organic Chamomile Tea Bags in India


Description: Vahdam Organic Classic Chamomile tea bags in India offer 30g of well-blended Chamomile tea with 0% artificial flavoring or aroma. Everything is organic. This product comes in various sizes. The package contains 15 Chamomile tea bags.

  • The contents of this product are – 100% pure whole leaves blended with Egyptian Chamomile flowers, Peppermint, Lemon grass, and orange peels – all packed in fancy pyramid tea bags.
  • Vahdam is the best Chamomile tea brand for weight loss and regular detox. It also acts as a mild sedative that promotes sleepiness.
  • This tea excels in both taste and aroma. Fresh and rejuvenating notes of chamomile, lemongrass, and citrus take you back to nature.

What Customers Liked: 

  • The ingredients inside the teabags are not finely ground, but they are more of a tisane with actual chamomile flowers that further enhance the taste and the overall experience of enjoying this tea.
  • The flavor quickly fuses and you won’t have to dip the teabag for a longer period. Doing so might bitter the taste.
  • Does what it claims. Is a very relaxing drink. 

3. The Indian Chai: Best Chamomile Tea Brand in India

The Indian Chai

The Indian Chai brings you A-grade tisane tea with whole Chamomile flowers. This product comes in an airtight container offering 50g of tea. This tea is allergen-free, caffeine-free, and 100% organic.

  • This 50g jar will contribute to a total of 50 cups of healthy chamomile tea approximately.
  • Since the tea consists of whole chamomile flowers, this tea will be more potent in inducing sleepiness.
  • This tea also acts as a superb remedy for stomach problems.
  • Anxiety problems are the worst and The Indian Chai Chamomile tea is here to save you from that and unnecessary med prescriptions.
  • This tea also produces an unparalleled soothing effect that can fight any illness by boosting your immunity.
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What Customers Liked:

  • Customers loved the taste profile. Not too bitter and not extremely sweet. So, it’s tasty yet healthy.
  • While sipping the tea, if one takes the time to appreciate the aroma as well, it goes a long way in helping the individual to unwind and relax.

4. Blue Tea: Best Chamomile Flower Tea Brands in India


Blue Tea offers the best tisane chamomile tea which is caffeine-free and organic. The jar contains 30g of pure whole chamomile flower buds.

  • The most distinctive property claimed by Blue Tea chamomile flower tea product is the tea’s antispasmodic trait which alleviates pain during menstruation and reduces the chances of premature labor. 
  • This tea is also claimed to be effective in alleviating stomach aches; helping build a better immunity, and relieving insomnia.
  • The tea also has anti-anxiety effects due to the presence of antioxidants.

What Customers Liked:

  • The brewing process is simple. You pour a teaspoon of the ingredients into boiling water; let them unfurl in the boiling water, and then strain and drain. 
  • The aroma is heavenly, much like honey.
  • This tea is effective in soothing menstrual cramps and improving sleep. So, the Blue Tea brand is not all talk.

5. TeaBox: Best Chamomile Green Tea Bags in India


Carrying a 200-year history on its back, Teabox is a trusted and gigantic Indian tea industry offering the freshness of the Himalayas in every cup. Teabox brings you 100% fresh chamomile from the 273 tea gardens and estates all across India. 

  • This packet comes with 25 tea bags.
  • This tea is less bitter and tasty since it releases its chemical compounds at a slower pace
  • The tea bags are reusable and can be steeped twice.
  •  Contains more catechins amount (85% more) than that Black tea.
  • No artificial flavors were added.

What Customers Liked: 

  • The warm, subtle taste accompanied by the balmy aroma is the best thing to put you to sleep.
  • Well-packed. Pyramid teabags were used.

6. Organic India: Affordable Chamomile Tea Brand in India

Organic India

Organic India Tulsi Honey Chamomile tea offers 68 g of a caffeine-free, organic blend of Chamomile blossoms, amber honey, and Tulsi leaves. This refreshing tea is calming, restorative, and easily brewed.

  • Helps you fight anxiety, stress, and mood disorders.
  • Builds the immune system.
  • Keeps you away from developing adverse reactions from cold viruses.
  • Loaded with the benefits of TUlsi, honey, and Chamomile, this tea is packed with nothing but goodness in it. 
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What Customers Liked:

  • This tea is sweet-tasting and has a relaxing aroma
  • This can easily replace your sleeping medications and help you fall asleep in a healthier way (Consult with doctor).
  • The different layers of flavoring make it so much more interesting than ordinary green tea or other alternatives. 

7. Tea Treasure: Best Chamomile Tea Brand in India

Tea Treasure

This handcrafted lifestyle tea brand brings you 50 gm loose leaves packed with utmost love and care. This relaxing fresh herbal tea consists of pure chamomile tea. Tea Treasure brand helps you believe in all the goodness that tea can offer. Here are some more of the Tea TReasure loose leaves chamomile tea characters for you to skim through.  

  • Packed in pyramid tea bags, this brand promises to deliver all its ingredients directly from Indian tea gardens.
  • The whole leaves add a better flavor to the tea.
  • The ingredients are 100% natural, decaffeinated, and gluten-free.
  • The brand claims to offer anti-anxiety and sleep-friendly effects with each cup. 

What Customers Liked:

  • Induced sleepiness in people suffering from sleep disorders.
  • It has a beautiful aroma that spreads even while the tea is brewing.
  • The taste makes all the stress and worries of the day melt away.

Commonly Asked Questions on Chamomile Tea

  • What is the price range of Chamomile tea in India?
  • Ans: The price range of only leaf chamomile tea in India is around 150-180 INR.
  • When should you drink Chamomile tea?
  • Ans: Chamomile tea has a host of health benefits. Be it mental or physical, this tea’s soothing taste and aroma have manifold positive effects on both.
  • Does Chamomile tea aids in weight loss?
  • Ans: Studies have shown that Chamomile tea might be helpful in weight loss as it replaces other unhealthy options and is said to reduce appetite.
  • Which Chamomile tea is best for sleep?
  • Ans: Only leaf Chamomile tea is the most preferable type when it comes to expecting a good night’s sleep. 
  • Which is the best Chamomile tea brand in India?
  • Ans: Sancha’s Chamomile Tea which offers loose leaves Chamomile as ingredients is the best Chamomile tea in India.

The Bottom Line

Tea is the essence of good health. Herbal tea, thus, goes a long way with its therapeutic uses, unparalleled taste, and soothing aroma. Each of the 7 best Chamomile tea brands in India has unique perks to offer. You should try one brand at a time. The most attractive pro is, that most of them are pocket-friendly. They will weigh heavy neither on your pocket nor on your conscience. Chamomile is the king of all herbal teas and all tea aficionados, and herbalists alike appreciate a warm cup of Chamomile and a good old hunt of the current best chamomile tea in India 2022.