8 Best Teas for Acne and Skin Care: 2022

There are plenty of remedies for acne. However, very few of them are without any side effects. One such solution is the humble yet most common beverage, tea. Tea is also considered the best drink to combat acne and even triumph over it with many other advantages such as better sleep, weight loss, and much more.

Another added benefit of using tea is that it can be directly applied to the acne-prone area after being brewed to allow the active ingredients to seep into the tea solution. Both, drinking and applying the same herbal teas on the skin have shown precise results in reducing acne and make the skin beautiful in their unique way.

The best teas for acne are listed below:

  • Rooibos tea
  • Chamomile tea
  • Spearmint tea
  • Stinging Nettle tea
  • Dandelion
  • Arrowroot
  • Ginger
  • Green tea


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Rooibos is known as Red Bush, which a legume plant that is native to South Africa. It has been used by the native tribes of South Africa for thousands of years to treat a variety of skin conditions. Because it has benefits like antioxidant, antibacterial, and immune-modulating properties.

Flavonoids, which are present in rooibos, help fight unwanted pathogens and can keep eczema and acne flare-ups at bay. It also has nothofagin, superoxide dismutase, and aspalathin at high levels. They are active on the skin and hence provide sufficient and ample protection. They prevent reaction with harmful oxidants and avoid damage to the surface of the skin.

Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea for Acne:

Here is a quick look at the numerous benefits of consuming Rooibos tea that can help minimize acne.

  • Provides a mild antibacterial effect
  • Removes the excess sebum and dead cells on the skin and unclogs the pores.
  • Protects the skin from irritants since it is also hypoallergenic
  • Restores the pH of the body
  • Prevent skin dryness.


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Chamomile is one of the oldest medicinal plants in the world, has found extensive use today in the modern world. Chamomile tea is the go-to tea for multiple problems. Due to its excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory benefits, its perfect for cleansing your skin. As it is widely available, it is easy to take advantage of its benefits.

Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea for Acne:

Here is a quick look at the numerous benefits of consuming Chamomile tea that can help reduce acne.

  • Its soothing properties promote tranquillity so you can relax and take the edge off after a stressful day.
  • Quercetin, which is present in it, protects the skin from damage from the harmful sun rays.
  • Reduces the severity of acne breakouts
  • It helps relieve acne symptoms due to 1% hydrocortisone content.
  • It reduces the damage due to the bacteria and radicals, which cause acne.
  • Chamomile tea leaves are crushed, powdered, and applied on scars.
  • Chamomile tea bags can also be chilled and pressed on the acne-prone area to reduce redness and swelling.
  • Honey and lemon juice can be mixed with chamomile tea to bolster acne treatment.
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One major cause of acne is the high levels of androgen hormones in the body. To reduce this, we need an anti-androgen. Spearmint tea is the perfect anti-androgen. By blocking and controlling the action of androgens, especially in the production of sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen, the acne is reduced.

Spearmint tea can also be used for hormone-based conditions like PCOS.

Health Benefits of Spearmint Tea for Acne:

Here is a quick look at the numerous benefits of consuming Spearmint tea that can reduce acne and protect your skin.

  • It prevents oxidative damage caused to the skin.
  • It slows down and delays the oxidation of fats.
  • It helps to reduce the number of harmful free radicals formed as byproducts of the oxidation reaction.
  • Prevents the sebum on the skin from doing damage by going bad.

Acne that flares up during the menstrual cycle can be avoided by consuming spearmint tea. As it affects the hormone levels in the body, spearmint tea should only be consumed in moderate amounts. However, it is not advised for pregnant and lactating women to drink spearmint tea.



The Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) is a plant that can be recognized from its heart-shaped green leaves. The unique feature of this leaf is, however, its long stinging hairs. These hairs inject chemicals into the skin when brushed against them.

It has helped soothe skin and hair issues along with problems in the PMS and the kidney. It behaves as a healing tonic and a detoxifier.

Health Benefits of Stinging Nettle Tea for Acne:

Here are the numerous benefits of consuming Stinging Nettle tea for your skin.

  • It purifies and detoxifies the blood, which naturally clears the skin right up.
  • Silica, present in it, helps to strengthen the hair and the nails.
  • Its herbal tea is also claimed to support skin and hair health by many herbalists.
  • The herbal tea is rich in Vitamin B and K along with selenium and zinc, which help give firmer and brighter skin.
  • The damage due to the bacteria and radicals, which cause acne, is reduced by the presence of amino acids and antioxidants.
  • Magnesium, which is present in the tea is a calming and relaxing mineral. It reduces anxiety and stress.
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Dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale) is an excellent remedy for the liver. Thanks to the bitterness in the root, the taste buds are triggered. This, in turn, stimulates the bile production and promotes its flow.

Native Americans have used it for centuries, and even today, doctors recommend it for its medicinal properties.

The root contains Vitamins A, B, C, zinc, iron, potassium, and other such minerals, which act as antioxidants and support clear skin.

Health Benefits of Dandelion Tea for Acne:

Listed here are some of the benefits of consuming Dandelion tea apart from cleaning your skin from acne spots.

  • Prevents premature aging
  • Contains vitamins A, B, C, and the minerals iron, potassium, and zinc, which all support clear skin


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Green tea is the Superman of all teas for curing acne. It is the best option for any healthy development needed for the body, especially acne.

Green tea can be applied daily for several weeks to reduce oily skin and deposition of excess sebum. This has shown strong results without any significant side effects that are common from medications.

Health Benefits of Green Tea for Acne:

Here is a quick look at the myriad benefits of consuming Green tea for a perfect lifestyle.

  • Green tea is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants reduce inflammation.
  • Cytokines and prostaglandins are chemicals that contribute to acne.
  • Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), present in the green tea, helps to shut them down.
  • It also helps in fighting the skin-damaging elements from the sun, which can increase the risk for skin cancer and aging of the skin in case of over-exposure.


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Arrowroot (kudzu) tea is a traditional East Asian tea made from East Asian arrowroot.

Arrowroot is popular in East Asia thanks to the anti-inflammatory and digestive aid. It is savoured by mixing arrowroot powder in water. Although its working is not entirely known, it is still immensely popular for helping with digestion. Having a smooth digestion results in minimum skin problems in acne, inflammation, etc.

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Health Benefits of Arrowroot Tea for Acne:

Have a quick look at the benefits of consuming Arrowroot tea.

  • It helps protect mucous membranes, which are why it’s beneficial for digestive issues.
  • It boosts the immune system.
  • Reduces inflammation, and aiding digestion can reduce acne as usually, inflammation is what leads to the redness and flare-up of acne.


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Ginger contains over 30 gingerol compounds that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Chopping up and boiling a spoonful of ginger in water for a minute gives you ginger tea. The liquid can be applied topically, too so that the anti-inflammatory properties go directly do the skin. It is beneficial for reducing digestive issues and dealing with pain and redness on your skin.

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea for Acne:

  • It helps prevent colds, which can weaken our immune systems and affect our outer beauty.
  • Reduces digestive and skin issues


Place your tea bags/leaves in just-boiled water for about 5 minutes. Let the brewed tea cool down.

  1. First, the skin is washed and rinsed with a hypoallergenic soap or cleanser. A mint cleanser (rich in ingredients like chamomile and spearmint) can also be used.
  2. The cooled brewed tea is applied to the skin with a cotton ball.
  3. Let the tea stand for 10 minutes and is allowed to dry on the skin.
  4. It is then washed off.

Although all these remedies seem harmless, it does not mean they come with their own side-effects. Pregnant women should especially take care of it. Considering the many benefits that many herbalists or other health practitioners vouch for to make sure you don’t have any contraindications or health issues that would make these teas unhelpful or even harmful to you, it is the best option out there.


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